Even though the TechEd Europe Developer Website doesn't yet clearly say so, Steve Swartz and myself will "of course!" be back with a new set of Steve & Clemens talks in Barcelona for TechEd Europe Developer (November 5-9). And for the first time we'll stay for another week and also give a talk at TechEd Europe ITForum (November 12-16) this year.

What will we talk about?

Last year we've started with a history lesson, did a broad and mostly technology agnostic overview of distributed systems architecture across 4 talks and closed with a talk that speculated about the future.

This year at the TechEd Developer show, we'll be significantly more concrete and zoom in on the technologies that make up the Microsoft SOA and Business Process platform and show how things are meant to fit together. We'll talk about the rise of declarative programming and composition and how that manifests in the .NET Framework and elsewhere. And as messaging dudes we'll also talk about messaging again. At TechEd ITForum we'll talk about the end-to-end lifecycle of composite applications and how to manage it effectively.

And of course there'll be "futures". Much less handwavy futures than last year, actually.

So .... We'll be in Barcelona for TechEd. You too?