LH3003 Oslo-Frankfurt, Departure 1835 scheduled, 1845 actual, arrival ca. 2000-2010. Connection flight to Düsseldorf leaves Frankfurt at 2200, boarding at 2130. Traveling. The more traveling I do, the harder it is to tell whether I like it or hate it. It's probably both. I have definitely understood why five-star hotels exist. If you spend much time traveling, you also spend a lot of time in hotels -- they really become your second home. And "home" is supposed to be comfortable, isn't it? The same applies to things like flying business class or sometimes having a very good (read: expensive) meal at a restaurant. Much of these "luxury" things are for the "upper class" in the eyes of most people who don't travel very frequently. I don't consider myself being part of that "upper class", really. Still, I spend a lot of time traveling and therefore I don't like to be squeezed into an overcrowded "cattle-class" segment on a long-haul flight for the same reasons as many people rather choose the luxury of their own car to go to work instead of an overcrowded city bus. Also, I don't mind going to McDonald's or some other fast food place, but not every day! For the record: I still fly economy on this flight -- it's just 90 minutes. ;)