My buddy Stephen now also runs dasBlog in "all features enabled" mode. Both of us are now using our Radio subscriptions, while they last, just to upstream our RSS feeds to the Userland cloud from dasBlog. His Radio feed is in sync with the new feed and so is mine.

John Bristowe is also a Radio convert and comments that exuberantly with "Free at last, free at last, thank God Almighty, I'm free at last.".

I guess we can sum this up with:

Dear Userland, for more than year you didn't even bother to try fixing all the substantial problems Radio has around random upstreaming failures, random crashes, losing content, whacky caching effects, broken comments, lack of extensibility with mainstream tools and a lot more things. Radio is stuck at version 8.0.8 in a time when a new blogging tool gets published every other day. This is our answer.

I've written a bunch of features in dasBlog specifically to give myself a clean upgrade path from Radio to my stuff (and some of them I still have to document cleanly). Whenever anyone hits a permalink at my old Radio site, they get redirected to the correct entry here, I can update my rss.xml at the Userland cloud and I can use any available Radio design templates pretty much unchanged. What's funny, for instance, is that my engine pretty much never fails with a timeout when upstreaming the rss.xml to the Userland cloud. These are the real reasons for why dasBlog does what it does. I just got totally fed up with Radio.

John Bristowe wrote me a "Thank you" email saying "I believe a "switch" campaign (a la Apple) is in order. Goodbye, Radio. Hello, DasBlog! :-)". 

There's certainly not going to be a campaign, but I'll happily share my config details with anyone who's asking. Sorry, Userland.