"It's an ugly planet, a bug planet." (Starship Troopers)  -- one of my projects is stuck at what I've isolated to be a problem that I am having with .NET 1.1's garbage collector. I am doing some very, very dirty things in that particular (lab-) project, which is supposed to provide some nice, new extensibility points for Enterprise Services components. While everything was working quite well in 1.0, the updated garbage collector doesn't seem to be as forgiving as the previous one. What's ugly about provoking such bugs and heap corruption in a "concurrent GC" environment is that the application continues to run fine until the GC starts running at some point and the GC thread just tanks with a fatal error (for which I can't blame it) and tears down the whole application domain. I sort of expected such problems to pop up and that's why I haven't written or talked about it or have shown this at any presentation, yet.  The extension set is indeed pretty close to what Ingo wished to see a couple of weeks ago (and he has already seen it). Imagine AOP for serviced components - that sort of thing.