Indigo The Windows Communication Foundation's RC1 bits are now live. RC means "Release Candidate" and our team is really, really serious about this release being as close to what we intend to ship as we can ever get. Our database view with unresolved code-defects is essentially empty (there is a not more of a handful of small fixes for very esoteric scenarios that we're still doing for RTM). The time of breaking changes is absolutely and finally over for "WCF Version 1".

The team is very excited about this. There's lots of joy in the hallways. We're getting close to being done. Remember when you saw the first WS-* specs popping up out there some 6 years ago? That's when this thing was started. You can just imagine how pumped the testers, developers and program managers are around here. And even though I am new to the family, I get to celebrate a little too. Greatness.

Get the RC1 for the .NET Framework 3.0 with the WCF bits from here: 

There's one little issue with the Visual Studio Tools aligned with that version, so it will take another day or so until those get uploaded.

As always, if you find problems, tell us: