I'm running Vista since Sunday.

Surprised? I mean, are you surprised that I haven't been running Vista for the last several months already? Realistically, given I am one of a very small group of members of the greater Indigo team who telecommute across the Atlantic, running early bits that host all of my work tools including email and RAS/VPN lifeline with all the SmartCard drivers was a pretty big risk that I wasn't willing to take up to Beta 2 and until a reasonably large number of folks assured me that Vista worked ok for them. Selfhosting prerelease bits is everyone's individual decision at Microsoft and while many people are very happy beta testers, there is a business to be run as well.

All that said, I have made the move on the "upgrade from XP path" and as more and more of the stuff on my disk gets indexed for search and as I start remembering the new ways to do things, I increasingly like it. Really. All the essential stuff works and even something much less important such as Media Center on my Tablet PC with a USB DVB-T receiver worked right away without any hiccup in setup. I am actually pretty impressed.