I updated my copyright notice at the bottom of the blog. The reason for that is that I found my blog to be replicated in full to another website in their design and with their copyright notice, without any backlinks to this blog and without having been asked for permission.  I may offend a few friends over this, but there are friendly rules of conduct which I follow and on which I must insist: Quote liberally, aggregate, combine, analyze, but do not republish large portions of content in unaltered form and don't quote without linking back to the source. Brief legal excursion: There are explicit rules about what's permitted in terms of quoting other's works in just about every copyright law. The German Copyright Act and related international treaties are applicable here. For instance, it's no problem to take this entire posting and quote it elsewhere as-is. It is a problem to simply publicly republish the whole rss-feed content elsewhere. Quoting and commenting is a good thing, plain theft of intellectual property isn't.