Reading Techmeme I'm seeing that Yahoo! went the way of laying off in the order of a thousand heads by salary ranges rather than experience level. 

Look, Seattle's reuptation for weather may be well deserved, but - on the upside - we actually have weather. You know - rain, snow, wind, freezing - all that stuff that reminds you that you are alive - PLUS 5 months of glorious spring/summer weather where it never gets too hot and never too cold. And we've got the water and the mountains. It's gorgeous here.

Oh, and, we're really not that evil here. I'm having great fun working here all day. My boss looks or acts nowhere near like Darth Vader (he's actually a former Silicon Valley dude who's still adjusting to the climate). I'm learning from people smarter than me every day. I even get to write code on platforms and runtime I've never thought I'd ever touch; and I'm not talking about VB6 or Fortran.

So if you are up for a challenge and want to extend the reach of the .NET Framework into the "cloud" like we're doing here at (bigger, bigger stuff ahead), I'll stick my head out - you can write me email at with your resume and I will connect you to the right folks.  

And for the long-time readers of my blog: You can write me too. If you want to make an big impact in the industry, now's the time. Oh, and, FWIW, you'll likely get to work with me, but you should rather look forward to work with the gusy I work with.