Jörg and myself are getting real close to release the new drop of our "summer project", dasBlog, within the next two to three days. It's going to carry a 1.1 version number already, because we've made another set of massive changes, including restructuring the code base and splitting it up into many more files and projects, which should make collaborative work on this much easier (...possible). 

Areas that were worked on specifically:

  • All controls we render inside the macros will get a CSS class assigned to them and we are removing most of the fixed formatting inside the code, so that the appearance of every little thing shall be customizeable. This will have an impact on existing templates and may break some of the Radio templates, but the required changes should be rather minimal.
  • All time expressions are now consistently stored in UTC 
  • Mail-To-Weblog can now deal with RFC2822 dates
  • Nested OPML outlines can be rendered and edited
  • "Content filters" is not a new, but now visible feature that allows to run an arbitrary number of search/replace filters (regex or plain) against content before it is rendered. So, if you want to turn semicolon-dash-closing-parenthesis into a smiley when your page is rendered, you can add a filter that will do so. 
  • dasBlog can post its own RSS feed to any remote storage system supporting the XmlStorageSystem API, including the Radio Userland store.
  • Lots of additional configuration options to switch services on and off.
  • Several bug fixes.

Once we're done with that, Stephen Forte has promised to add some additional caching magic to the stuff.