I am investigating a problem that occurs very rarely in dasBlog and causes rendering of pages to fail consistently until restarted by, for instance, touching web.config. I've seen this happen only on the newtelligence website and only once.

Apparently, the resource manager that's used to pull in the localized strings for various elements and is stored in application state is lost at some point and causes the data binding of the controls to throw a NullReferenceException. What I assume is that the Global.Application_Start() event isn't fired in all cases when the worker process recycles.

I am looking into it, but before I have a good answer for the why and a fix, the best workaround is to touch (load and save) web.config in order to restart the app.

Update: While I still don't know why the original problem happened, I have a permanent workaround for 1.3, which is due very very soon (I am already posting using the 1.3 build that consolidates a couple of fixes, language additions and minor enhancements)