I've got nothing against advertising on websites. However, there are two things that are completely annoying. The first are popup windows and my popup blocker is taking care of those. As an alternative, the advertising people have invented the Macromedia Flash-popup that pops up on the page and obscures the content for a little while. That's annoying but something I can absolutely deal with. What I cannot deal with, and that's the second annoying thing, is that some advertising twits try to entertain me with music and or other sorts of 30-second audio/video shows. You people might find that cool, but I don't. Sound effects and music are strictly an "opt-in" feature on my computer and at my work desk. I just uninstalled the Flash player. Silence has returned and websites became instantly more useful. Try it.

[Usually it's as easy as this: In Internet Explorer select "Tools/Internet Options" on the menu, then click the "Settings..." button in the "Temporary Internet Files" box on the "General" tab of the dialog that opens up. Click the "View Objects" button in the "Settings" dialog that opens up. There will be another window opening. Find "Shockwave Flash" and delete the object. Close IE. Done.]