Jörg ist current checking out dotText. He very much likes the admin interface and says it's very cute. And not only that. I had a glimpse and I have to agree. I think it's fantastic that Scott and us are releasing such big chunks of public code for the same purpose at the same time, but there is no "vs.". I think .Text is cool.

The most striking between the two engines is that .Text sits on SQL and ours uses plain text files. What I found through the email feedback I've gotten is that a lot of people who want to use dasBlog have their stuff sitting at some ISP and either don't have a SQL Server to talk to or the setup is too much of a hassle. So for them, the plain text storage makes more sense. I was about to rip it out and replace the file storage with a SQL backend as well, but now I am quite happy that I didn't.

(Although i have to admit that the transaction-loving architect in me still opposes the whole idea of using plain text files for read/write in a concurrent environment)

The second difference is that I started the whole thing only a bit more than 3 weeks ago from a copy of BlogX.