I think I am done with v1.5 of dasBlog. However, experience tells me that I'll usually find a tiny problem just after I've packaged it all up and posted it, so I'll keep the source tree checked out and the files sitting here for another 24 hours until I am sure that it works well here.

Omar and Harry have done a fantastic job cleaning up some of my mess and they've added some cool new things.

We've got a simple search facility now, comments can be deleted, the administrator UI got a bit better organized, a bunch of annoying little bugs were fixed, the stylish "dasBlog" theme does work now and is the default, you can finally change your password through the UI, a corrupt login-cookie won't crash the site anymore, comments now show up in the correct time zone, the SMTP server settings for notifications can now be tested, we have a plugin for NewsGator, etc.