I get emails like that very frequently. I have some news.

Short story: Microsoft is still willing and working to publish the application that I presented at TechEd Europe (see Benjamin's report) and they keep telling me that it will come out. Apparently there is a lot of consensus building to be done to get a big sample application out of the door. So there's nothing to be found on msdn, yet.

Little known secret: There are 15 lucky indivduals who have already received (hand-delivered) the Proseware code as a technical preview under a non-disclosure agreement. Because we (newtelligence) designed and wrote the sample application, we have permission to distribute the complete sample to participants of our SOA workshops and seminars.

So if you want to get yours hands on it, all you need to do is to send mail to training@newtelligence.com to sign up for one of the public events [Next published date is Dec 1-3, and the event is held in German, unless we get swamped with international inquiries] or you send email to the same address asking for an on-site workshop delivery. At this time, we (and MS) bind the code sample to workshop attendance so that you really understand why the application was built like it's built and that you fully understand the guidance that the application implicitly and explicitly carries (and doesn't carry).