In the upcoming week I will be cleaning up the categories on my blog. So if you've subscribed to any of the category feeds directly, some of them may stop working.

As of tomorrow, the "official" blog address will be as I won't be part of the newtelligence "staff" any longer. However, all existing subscriptions to the main RSS and Atom feeds will continue to work, because this blog isn't really going anywhere. I will see what it takes to get a mirror blog on blogs.msdn.comand whether I can use the dasBlog cross-blogging feature to push select content there.

Eventually, and once I am done reshuffling, I will explain the new category structure and actually encourage you to subscribe to select categories, because my blogging habits will change quite a bit in my new role at Microsoft. For instance, you'll see a lot more German here (which you might want to tune out of if you are not interested), I'll start a link-blog category and I will introduce some other categories that are not at all about technology.