COM was love This isn't an Enterprise Services crusade. There's a lot of very useful stuff and I am pointing it out. That's all ;) However, I think I should admit that I did indeed have a very long affair with the entire ES/COM+/MTS/COM family. {Is that a nasty thing to admit?}. The love went away, now we're just good friends.   October 1992. The first time COM got into customer's hands. I got this CD and I was like "man, that's nuts! Way too complicated!". The first shipment came with docs that dealt in very deep and great detail with IUnknown, structured storage and especially IMoniker. I didn't understand the moniker stuff until two years later. What I understood was AddRef()/Release() and QueryInterface(). An implementation of IUnknown became my default-base class for anything in November 1992. Only about 3 months later I understood how "outer IUnknowns" and aggregation worked. A lot of code-rewriting followed ;). It took about a year to realize that not *everything* should be a COM class. And so it went on and on.... And I just realize... there was no 10th birthday party;)