Back on the road and back to scheduled programming

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I am sitting here right outside the conference venue of the JAOO Conference in Aarhus in Denmark, which kicks of the Fall/Winter 2003 conference season for me. I am speaking about Service Oriented Architectures and Web Services in my first talk and will drill down on Layers, Tiers, and Services in my second talk. Unfortunately the time slots are just 45 minutes and I just can't get myself to cut too much of the content .... as usual. Later in the week, I'll go to the BASTA! conference in Frankfurt where I won't speak, but want to check out how Jörg, Achim and Michael are doing and talk to a couple of folks there.

Anyways, after my vacation and a week of orientation on what to do next, I am back in business. And after "the summer of the blog engine", I'll go back to focus more on architectural topics -- including here.


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