Aliens pledge their support in war with Iraq.

... "It sounds like Bush is getting desperate," says one skeptic. "Little green men wanting to fight side by side with America? It's like Bush can't get the support of the other countries on our world, so he's counting on getting help from other worlds." ...

An completely on-topic post in regards to my blog-title and an opportunity to publicly thank my friend Steve Swartz for a great birthday gift that has very much enlightened me. He signed me up for a subscription to Weekly World News and since I am a curious reader of this insightful paper, I know more about the culture of America than ever before. The best thing about Weekly World News is that they never, ever would report anything that is not 100% true. Never.

However, the reference to that satirical WWN article is also on-topic because I honestly think that there are good reasons to be hestitant about marching towards Baghdad. Saddam is a cruel dictator, but establishing a healthy democracy by western measures in the void of power that will come after Saddam after such a war is entirely illusionary. Such a democracy has never remotely existed there and the Arab world as such has a completely different perception and concept of leadership that has little in common with our western ideas and which we should accept to not understand. Also, it's noteworthy that North Korea has just admitted a nuclear arms program and shrugs off complaints about restarting its nuke plants. ... I would consider that a bigger concrete and present threat, really. Probably a third of all countries in the world have some biological or chemical weapons capacity. Something tells me that the rushed urgency in the case of Iraq isn't a good idea. Then again, I could be all wrong because of intelligence information that we all will never know of.