Ah… THAT’S how to make WS-Addressing work in WSE 2.0

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Unless you enable the config setting below, WSE injects intentionally invalid “Via” routing information into ReplyTo and FaultTo addresses for security reasons and therefore you can’t just turn around and create, for instance, a new SoapSender(SoapRequestContext.Address.ReplyTo) at the receiving endpoint or set the reply envelope’s context like envelope.Context.Addressing.Destination = SoapRequestContext.Address.ReplyTo. Because “Via” trumps any other address in an endpoint reference for delivery, a reply to such an invalidated EPR will usually yield a 404. I fell into that hole for the second or third time now and it somehow never stuck in long-term memory, so this is the persisted “note to self”  ;-)

      <allowRedirectedResponses enabled="true" />


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