newtelligence AG will be hosting an open workshop on service-oriented development, covering principles, architecture ideas and implementation guidance on October 13-15 in Düsseldorf, Germany.

The workshop will be held in English, will be hosted by my partner and “Mr. Methodologies” Achim Oellers and myself, and is limited to just 15 (!) attendees to assure an interactive environment that maximizes everyone’s benefit. The cap on the number of attendees also allows us to adjust the content to individual needs to some extent.

We will cover the “services philosophy” and theoretical foundations of service-compatible transaction techniques, scalability and federation patterns, autonomy and other important aspects. And once we’ve shared our “services mind-set”, we will take the participants on a very intense “guided tour” through (a lot of) very real and production-level quality code (including the Proseware example application that newtelligence built for Microsoft Corporation) that turns the theory to practice on the Windows platform and shows that there’s no need to wait for some shiny future technology to come out in 2 year’s time to benefit from services today.

Regular pricing for the event is €2500.00 (plus applicable taxes) and includes:

  • 3-day workshop in English from 9:00 – 18:00 (or later depending on topic/evening) 
  •  2 nights hotel stay (Oct 13th and 14th)
  • Group dinner with the experts on the first night.  The 2nd night is at your disposal to enjoy Düsseldorf’s fabulous Altstadt at your own leisure
  • Lunch (and snacks/drinks throughout the day)
  • Printed materials (in English), as appropriate
  • Post-Workshop CD containing all presentations and materials used/shown

For registration inquiries, information about the prerequisites, as well as for group and early-bird discount options, please contact Mr. Fons Habes via If the event is sold out at the time of your inquiry or if you are busy on this date, we will be happy to pre-register you for one of the upcoming event dates or arrange for an event at your site.