A morning for reliable messaging. I got online this morning and close to nothing worked. I don't know whether today is "international router config day" It's "unpatched SQL Server exploit fest" or something, but and there's suspiciously many IP destinations I can't reach from where I am and tracert shows loops or broken routes at random places outside the Deutsche Telekom network (that's where my DSL is hooked up to). So, at first sight, it doesn't seem to be an immediate problem of my carrier. Sometimes a route comes back and then it breaks again. Very bad. So, whatever the problem is, time and hordes of technicians will eventually, hopefully solve it.

I am very happy that I don't have to make any business critical Web service calls via plain HTTP and without a reliable messaging protocol layer today. I'd be screwed. On mornings like these, "HTTP is the one and only protocol" purism makes handsome gunwounds in both of your feet. 

(snapshot as of 2001-01-25T10:00:00+1, click for current status)