The event I've been waiting all weekend to announce: Everett is out!Visual Studio .NET 2003 Final Beta is here:For MSDN members only: download: [Sam Gentile's Weblog] .... that event is also an event that's releasing me of yet another NDA. It's a "freedom of speech" event. Celebrate! There's tons of cool new things in Everett, but don't look for the next wave of revolutions. Everett comes with very many little improvements here and there, some needed, some nice to have, but no huge new chunks of functionality -- MS simply made a good thing better and that's perfectly cool this time around :) One of the little things that I really like is that in C#, typing "override<space>" inside a class-body will bring up IntelliSense with choices from the base class. Once you select a method to override, IntelliSense will give you a default implementation for the method that calls the base-class. Pretty.