December 8, 2012
@ 12:35 PM

Here’s from my Channel 9 Subscribe blog, an ad-hoc, single-take whiteboard discussion on "push" and "pull" communication patterns. There's a lot of talk in the industry on push (see push notifications) and pulling/polling (long polling vs. web sockets and messaging), so I'm dissecting that space a bit and explore push vs. pull and various pattern nuances from UDP upwards.


Over on my new Channel 9 blog I've started a series that will (hopefully) help novices with getting started developing applications that leverage Windows Azure Service Bus (and, in coming episodes also Service Bus for Windows Server)

The first two episodes are up:

There's much more to come, and the best way to get at it as it comes out is to subscribe to the RSS feed or bookmark the landing page.

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December 4, 2012
@ 07:52 PM

I have a new (additional) blog. It's not a "write" blog, it's a "speak" blog. Over on Microsoft's Channel 9 I started the "Subscribe!" blog last Friday night.

The goal for it is to be a way to talk about middleware and specifically about my team's product Service Bus on Channel 9. Service Bus and the other middleware products and features tend to require quite a bit of guidance and explanation because they help solving complex problems. I'm trying to help providing a forum for that, not only in the form of monologues, but also having our customers and my coworkers speak.

Here's the link

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