September 28, 2006
@ 07:38 PM

I just disabled Trackback and Pingback. We need security and a trust chain for these protocols. This is getting ridiculous.

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The request below has been handed to me by the BizTalk team here at Microsoft. If you have programmed in WCF, happen to be at or around the Microsoft Redmond campus at that time and want to help out, send an email until this Friday to uccoord at with the subject line "BizTalk Usability Study" to sign up:



Microsoft is conducting research on BizTalk Server, and are seeking Developers who have a working knowledge of this product and WCF.  If you are a current BizTalk Developer, with WCF experience, the team would like to invite you to participate in this research. 


Studies are currently being scheduled for Monday Oct 30 through Friday Nov 3, 2006 in Redmond, WA.  Each study will be scheduled at your convenience and will run approximately 2 hours.  This is a unique opportunity to provide feedback on the adapter creation process in BizTalk.  


Your input and participation is extremely valuable that helps ensure that your needs are met when interacting with BizTalk and WCF. If scheduled for a usability study, you will receive a retail software product selection for your time and feedback.  Some of the items include Office Pro and VisualStudio.NET


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September 25, 2006
@ 11:51 PM

I've posted the current WCF Training Providers list on this weekend. All of these folks are running custom-built training classes for WCF and until we here at MS come out with the "official" Microsoft Official Curriculum" for WCF and the other .NET Framework 3.0 technologies (which will take several months from when Vista ships), these offerings are indeed our preferred option for you to get WCF training.

One event that I'll personally highlight and happily and shamelessly advertise is a cooperation by my ex-firm newtelligence and my friends at IDesign, because it's coming up very soon. One of the coolest aspect of that class is that it is scheduled to take place in Europe's #1 vacation spot Mallorca, which means that cheap flights should be available from anywhere and the weather is nice, too. Registration is open and my understanding is that it closes this week! I wish I could go.

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September 25, 2006
@ 11:40 PM

If you are looking for a brilliant speaker for a conference, consider Chad Hower. As you might know, I make very few endorsements of that sort. Chad has been touring the Middle-East and Africa region for Microsoft in the past several years and spoke at countless conferences. And there might be is no better source for "travel war stories" than him; the stuff he's been through on his trips makes my (known to be extensive) travel history pale in comparison.

Chad is leaving the company in a few days from now and I wouldn't know anybody here who wouldn't be sad to see him go. The good news is that he'll be an independent speaker and if you run a conference or a user group anywhere in EMEA, you should really consider have him come over and talk.

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September 25, 2006
@ 09:44 PM

Moving here kept and still keeps me busier than I thought it would. And the sea container with our personal stuff (furniture etc) hasn't even arrived, yet.

While my job role here at Microsoft didn't formally change between when I was working from home in Germany and now, the additional bandwidth that I have has pretty much changed every single detail of it. In addition, I've been dragged into WCF SDK document reviews, architecture discussions for our next version and a whole lot of others things from which I was pretty much excluded over in Germany due to the time difference and because I simply didn't know the team's "who is who" (getting to know your own team is quite difficult when you are all the way across the Atlantic).

Starting to revive the blog is on the agenda for this week.


September 1, 2006
@ 09:00 PM

Indigo The Windows Communication Foundation's RC1 bits are now live. RC means "Release Candidate" and our team is really, really serious about this release being as close to what we intend to ship as we can ever get. Our database view with unresolved code-defects is essentially empty (there is a not more of a handful of small fixes for very esoteric scenarios that we're still doing for RTM). The time of breaking changes is absolutely and finally over for "WCF Version 1".

The team is very excited about this. There's lots of joy in the hallways. We're getting close to being done. Remember when you saw the first WS-* specs popping up out there some 6 years ago? That's when this thing was started. You can just imagine how pumped the testers, developers and program managers are around here. And even though I am new to the family, I get to celebrate a little too. Greatness.

Get the RC1 for the .NET Framework 3.0 with the WCF bits from here: 

There's one little issue with the Visual Studio Tools aligned with that version, so it will take another day or so until those get uploaded.

As always, if you find problems, tell us:

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